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Shopware expert Digital Marker specializes in Digital as Service (DaaS). We are a strong team with vast experience and abilities within marketing, digital development, sales and communication. But what makes us different from the other options currently available to you?

In a world that is way more online than ever before, after the pandemic forced digitization upon all sectors… we knew that something had to be done. Therefore, we decided to put our expertise in use to help SMEs from different sectors (retail, fashion, beauty, wellness, etc.) take control of the new environment and conduct their business, no worries attached. We’re ready to do the same for you!

We present the best, most dynamic and flexible digital solution, tailored to speed up the digitization of the retail market and boost the growth of SMEs. Through Shopware, we offer our clients a solution that allows them to be present online and use digital tools to handle all sides of their businesses. This includes the financial and economic sides, without you having to spend hours upon hours handling bookkeeping or planning appointments for the upcoming days.

Who we are

Mission & vision

Our story starts before COVID, where we still didn’t know how much the pandemic would show our business’ true potential.

The idea of Digital Marker is simple: One platform able to service SMEs, providing both products and services from different industries.

When COVID19 struck the world, it became clear to us that businesses within retail, fashion, beauty/wellness and similar were vulnerable. They faced the storm, without any, or close to no digitalization.

Supporting the local economy through the power of technology will ultimately drive us towards a sustainable future and a healthier planet.

We engage in supporting strong and ethical opinion leaders and brands, consumers, and influencers alike. We want to build a network of professional, responsible, and sustainable services for the beauty industry and the environment.

Our aim is to boost beauty professionals who seek guidance and business growth. By leveraging a seamless digital transformation process and open access to global markets, we can make that happen. Our network also encourages a circular reseller economy, through our transparent and secure marketplace.

Mission & vision

CSR // What we believe in

Digital Marker aims to make a difference in the world and runs its activities in accordance and with respect for UN17/169 Goals.

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