Digital Marker is your 360° digital partner

When you join us, you’ll have instant access to all the tools you need to manage your business from one single place. Digital Marker is the first platform for sustainable SMVs.

Who we are

Digital Marker is the first platform for sustainable retail, fashion and beauty SMVs and offers you an all-in-one solution for your business.

We can help you with all a complete set of digital solutions (everything from finance, booking systems to online marketing).

Digital Marker attracted a total DKK 4M investment so far from a major online tech company, a proof that it’s not just us who believe in ourselves.

Who we are

What we believe in

  • We believe you can be as awesome online as you are offline.
  • We believe that you’ll grow your business when you go digital.
  • We believe that you should only pay for the services that bring money to you, when they bring money to you.

Too many business owners are held prisoners by bindings and subscriptions at unfair monthly prices. Too many haven’t found their way in the online world, missing great opportunities.

We want to change that!

What we believe in

Our solution includes:

We provide the tech, the installation and training of your employees.

Digital Marker provides POS, Dankort terminal and optionally a scanner. You get a POS available for handling day-to-day customers in the store as well as to provide a comprehensive overview of sales made both online and in-store.

Onboarding kit

Onboarding kit

With our solution, you have control of every day’s economy, economic reports (monthly, quarterly and yearly), end of year paperwork and automatic reporting to SKAT. For the yearly reporting, you can get a bookkeeper’s assistance.

Financial assistance

Regnskab revisor

We help you with web hosting, web domain and deliver a complete, fully functional e-commerce website for your business and online safe payment methods (cards, mobilpay, klarna) for your customers. You can easily upload texts, photos, videos, blog posts and manage payments and bookings and unleash your digital self.

Online presence

Online tilstedeværelse

We’ll be your marketing and PR agency. First or foremost, we will make sure your campaigns reach your customers by optimizing them for Facebook, Instagram, Google ads and Google shopping.

Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day or a campaign for your specific offer? We have you covered!

We will also help you with the email marketing: welcome email, newsletters and support messaging for abandoned basket scenarios.

Marketing services


What do you get when you decide on Digital Marker?

You get more clients with fewer investments because our integrated services come at a smaller price. We’ve already made the calculations! You’ll spend less money and earn more time working with us than with any of other company on the market.

You can focus more on your clients and what you do best while business professionals handle the rest. Why spend time and energy on processes that are already automatic?

You’ll enjoy your digital transformation and gain more visibility, customers and brand awareness. Even during unexpected events, such as lockdowns or new restrictions, you can still connect with your customers, manage the bookings, promote yourself, and more.

We come with a “no mandatory subscription” policy. You are free to leave whenever you want. You even get to keep the onboarding equipment free for 2 years and only pay for it if you leave before.

You don’t have any hidden costs. You pay what you use, as long as you use it.

We believe in a world where community and connections are supreme. You get instant access to the world best digital network of retail, fashion and beauty SMVs.

We prioritize your data and privacy security,  so your information is protected.

You’ll never be alone in your growth journey. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your business, make updates and introduce new features of the service. From day 1, you will benefit from our marketing, digital, sales, and communication experience. You can tackle your digital challenges with insider knowledge.

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