Anders H. Lange


Anders H. Lange has been driving innovation and digital strategy for the last 15 years within the fashion and beauty industry. He was constantly delivering double digits growth both in engagement, sales and profit. He is a global powerhouse of knowledge working with brands like Gucci, Buffalo Boots GmbH, Warner Bros, Google, Barclay, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Disney.

Anders is a well-known figure when it comes to delivering innovative business models which are pushing the limits and creating change.

World leading Gamification, digital transformation, and strategist, he is currently advising investment banks, funds, and capitalists on the development of the fashion and beauty industry.

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Cristina Blanaru


Cristina has her way with words and likes deconstructing problems and build back unexpected solutions.

With more than 20 years in the marketing and communications sector, Cristina has a dual background of expertise. She was a journalist in one of the top Eastern European news agencies and manages her own publication,, while also being a dynamic communication advisor, focusing on corporate communications, reputation management, product communication, communication for NGOs and start-ups, personal branding and personal PR.

During her career, she led several multidisciplinary teams and has implemented frameworks that generated, every time, better than expected results. Her professional portfolio includes local and international companies and brands, such are PayPal, Viacom / Comedy Central, KBC Securities /uTrade, Millenium Bank, Akcenta, CEZ Romania, as well as Unilever Food Solutions, Sarantis, IAB Romania and many others.

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Tobias Thiim

- Head of Development

Currently head of development within the company, I have a background as a photographer, and I use that experience to come up with creative ways of seeing the solutions we produce inside our offices. At Digital Marker, I am working towards building tools that would help any company or client to have an easy and pleasant digital journey.

I was self-employed for a few years, then decided to switch towards a career that would unite my interests. Therefore I became a multimedia designer and, a while after, I joined Digital Marker. I lives in Silkeborg together with my wife and our two children. In my free time, I like to be around my family and take trips in nature along with them, but also to play computer.

Tobias Thiim

Head of Development

Eduard Costea

- Software Engineer

I am Software Engineer, Fullstack Developer, Data Scientist, but more than that an ambitious Romanian who likes to use and play with new technologies, aiming to becoming an expert in the field and a key player.

I am a Software Engineer and a tech guy, so I love to plan and design everything in advance to both ease my work but also to bend and twist systems to work as I want them to in order to achieve the best performance and results for our clients. I am completely passionate about everything I do and I am always working on something.

I am the first to say “Yes” to a new challenge and I am gathering experience from all projects. My mindset is the following: Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.

Eduard Costea

Software Engineer

Michael Blaxkjær

- UX-Designer

I have a degree in web development and I have an unmatched and unique flair for UX/UI and graphic design.

I enjoy having a lot on my plate and I rarely lose overview of the situation. Having a burning passion for visual communication and with strong skills when it comes to teamwork, I strive to achieve the best results in every given task.

I live in Horsens with my girlfriend and our two-year-old daughter. My spare time is mostly enjoyed together with my family, but there is also room for gaming, sport and other stuff with my friends.

Michael Blaxkjær


Manila Chaturvedi

- Backend Developer

A Fullstack developer by profession, I love to exhibit creativity through coding. I am really passionate when it comes of continuing my journey as a software developer and of adding more and more experience and technological skills under my belt.

My husband – also a programmer – and I live in Arhus for 10 years and we have two beautiful daughters that combine both Indian and Danish culture in their everyday life. I love new challenges and I enjoy tackling with what comes my way. I seek to learn one new thing every day and I always like a good joke and a healthy laugh.

Manila Chaturvedi

Backend Developer

Ketty Højsgaard

- Bookkeeping

I have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in bookkeeping. I am a specialist in debt, credit and financial management, VAT, reconciliation, bank payments, salaries and reporting to authorities.

I place great emphasis on working independently, I am detail-oriented and I work systematically. I am responsible, have humor and good teamwork skills. I am good at talking to many different people. It is therefore absolutely perfect for me to work at Digital Marker, where we are all age groups and several nationalities. I find it very challenging to be involved from the start and build the systems.

Ketty Højsgaard


Mårten Krammer

- Frontend Developer

After having done a lot of different things over the years, from brewing beers to working on movies and writing educational materials, it was time to try something new. So the obvious choice was coding and web-development, where I could combine hobby, my joy of coding and databases. I took my education as a coder in Aarhus, so Horsens was close to home when I applied at Digital Marker.

Originaly from Sydfyn, I have spend most of my life around Denmark, from Lemvig to Frederiskberg, and in Norway from Mosjøen to Haukesund. Other then geeking out on databases, game development and machine learning, i spend most of my free time with my girlfriend, brewing, horror movies, rock music and little toy soldiers fighting epic battles on the kitchen table.

Mårten Krammer

Frontend Developer

Emma Lange

- Junior Graphic Designer

Hello there, I am Emma! I am a 25-year-old creative-child from Aarhus, that studies Design & Business on VIA University. In elementary school I spent the majority of my time doodling in various notebooks, something my teacher didn’t think led to a successful working-life – luckily (for me) that was before Adobe and their creative cloud became the design-norm.

Since elementary school, my doodles and I have completed an AP degree in multimedia design and is currently helping Digital Marker create design ideas for websites, presentations and other UX related design-work.

I like to tell myself that I am quite fond of lobster, I am on the verge of being fanatic about shows like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, and has a weakness for everything with fur and 4 legs.

Emma Lange

Junior Graphic Designer

Baba Lichscheidt

- Senior Developer

I am a seasoned professional with high skills and experience in production management / ABC-systems. During a lifelong career, I gathered a great deal of experience in IT, software development and support. I am a developer with strong database skills, passionate about my work and enjoy challenges.

I am happy sharing my experience with my colleagues and I want to make a difference where technologies meet, and solutions are designed. A few highlights among my skills are OOP-design and development, database modelling, documentation and code refactoring.

I am married and have two grown-up children and, in my free time, I enjoy travelling, cycling and volunteering.

Baba Lichscheidt

Senior Developer

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